May we assist you with the sale of your home?

As recognized specialists in the north valley, especially Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Carefree luxury communities, we have the marketing clout to bring you the right buyer for your home, faster.  
We are not typical Realtors...we are internet marketing professionals.  Our targeted, niche real estate sites collectively generate tens of  thousands of visitors per month, with typically a few hundred serious buyers filling out web forms and asking for our assistance every month.  We can confidently say that no other independent brokerage in our area produces results like these!
By reaching out to other states and Canada, we are effectively increasing many times over your exposure for your home.  The typical Realtor uses only local media and listing aggregator sites like, Zillow, and Trulia. These sites are huge, but they simply can't compete with our targeted approach to bringing in true qualified and motivated buyers.  Of course, we use those big sites too...but we find they produce a very small fraction (less than 2%) of our total results.
We do, of course, also use the local MLS.  However, here too, there is an important difference.  With our combined marketing and data-management backgrounds, we understand not only how to write the listing to be appealing to a buyer, but also how to make it fit into the search systems that other Realtors use.  We know that "the more we tell, the more we sell", so we check every box that can reasonably be used to describe the positive aspects of your home.  This seemingly little thing is mis-understood by other Realtors, and ultimately, costs the seller showings and buyers!
 Next, examine the photos we provide in our listings.  We typically take about 10-15 photos for every 1000 square foot of home size.  For instance, a 2000 square foot home typically gets 20-30 photos in our listings, while a 4000 square foot home gets 40-60 photos.  Why?  Statistics show that internet customers will spend more time looking at a home with 30+ photos.  We are competing for the buyer's time, in order to generate the showing, which ultimately leads to the sale of your home.
Let us tell you more.  Please contact us and let's arrange a time to meet and discuss your home and how best to market it.

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