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Home Search Tips and Tricks

Here are several Tips and Tricks to make your home searching easier and more productive on

USE THE BACK BUTTON -- After viewing the details of a home, in order to return to the list in the same spot where you left off, always use the BACK button on your browser.  On most browsers, this is the left arrow button, usually found at the top left corner of the browser.  There is a link titled "Back to Search Results" at the top of the home details, but this seems to work only sporadically.

ALLOW POPUPS -- The search will present some data in new windows, or in pop-up windows.  These are never ads from our site, so you can safely allow pop-ups from, and know it is only displaying the content you are looking for.

SEARCH RESULTS ARE ALWAYS IN A NEW WINDOW -- We always put your search results into a new window.  This allows you to easily return to your desired zip code, or the neighborhood list, quickly and easily.

START GENERAL -- Although there are tens of thousands of homes available in the general Phoenix marketplace, it is surprising how few will have the exact criteria you are searching.  Our recommendation is to start off with the simple search tools we provide for zip code, neighborhood, or price range.  If that search has too many homes to try to dig through, you can limit your choices with additional details--which is our next tip!

ADD DETAILS -- Okay, so you've selected a zip code, and a neighborhood that looks promising.  But now you need to narrow the search further, without starting over.  At the top of the search results is a link titled "Revise Search".  Click on that.  This takes you into the full MLS search, but it preserves the criteria you have so far.  So if you were searching 85262, Mirabel, those criteria are already pre-loaded into the large MLS search panel for you.  Now just add your other requirements to narrow your field.  For instance, you can add in a price range, and a pool requirement, and see just which homes in 85262, Mirabel, have pools, and are in $800,000 - $1,250,000. 

SAVE YOUR SEARCHES -- If you find one or more homes you like, then you should save not only those homes, but also the search that brought them to you.  To do this you Register on  (Don't worry, we'll never share your data with anyone else unless you ask us to.)  By registering, you can receive email updates on your favorite searches, as well as be able to return to previous searches quickly and easily. 

GETTING MORE INFORMATION ON A HOME -- The MLS has a lot of data, but not all data is public.  Often the private realtor remarks tell a much more complete story, especially with regards to foreclosure homes, short sales, and other distressed property sales.  And the tax record can tell us even more, like how much the current owners paid, and when they bought it, and whether a foreclosure action has been filed.  The bad news is, we can't put this on our website.  But the good news is we can share it with you by email.  Just click above the home where it says "For more information please contact Pristine Desert Properties Group".

LET US HELP! -- Most folks like to start their search on their own, and we respect that.  As you get more comfortable with our site and with the way we do business, please don't hesitate to let us help you.  We can set up a more specific search for you, via the Dream Home Finder, or we can just answer your questions and give you advice on areas.  We are always here to help.