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Michelle Cruz
Michelle Cruz
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As your real estate agent, I strive to exceed your expectations and help you find the perfect home. 25 years of professional sales experience as a sales representative/account manager for a fortune 500 company, short sale negotiator/bank-owned REO coordinator and corporate real estate relocation specialist, has provided me the experience and tenacity to overcome large and small challenges. I take pride to ensure client satisfaction and work to create a win-win situation for all parties.
I was drawn to Pristine Desert Properties, because of our unique approach to the real estate business. Our closely networked team of strong, experienced agents and a broker who will act as a partner offer a distinct advantage over large brokerage firms. I will not hand you off to a staff member. I will personally manage your transaction from start to finish. I am your contact and confidant, not a transaction coordinator.
My personal goals are to lose 10 pounds and get some much needed social media training from my two teenagers so I'm truly 'plugged in.' Soon, I hope to be blogging and tweeting while mastering LinkedIn, Badoo, MyLIfe, MeetUp, Ning, Cafemom (is there a Cafeteenmom?), Pinterest, Orkut, Tagged, Livejournal, DeviantArt and GooglePlus. PLEASE let me know if I have missed any additional social media opportunities as I don’t want to risk being branded as a social nerd. Perhaps it is best for me to just focus on real estate!
As a Michigan Upper Peninsula native, I am proud to call myself a YOOPER!  What is a Yooper you ask?
A “Yooper” is a special breed of people who inhabit Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
“Yooper’s, like other distinctive groups of people, have evolved their own brand of humor; please visit my website to enjoy my top Yooper Jokes!!!