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Homeowner's Resources
The following vendors can be great resources for you in the upgrading and/or maintenance of your home.  We list only vendors that either we personally, or one of our clients, has used and who we felt did a great job.  We'll tell you what experience we've had with the vendor, and we'd like it if you would pass along your comments to us if you use the vendor.  We'll also date our comments, so you can know how current the information is.  Please feel free to call if it's an older write-up to see if we have any new info for you. 
We always want to know if the vendor did a good job for you.  Vendors who are not making our clients happy probably won't remain on the list, even if they made us happy sometime in the past.  Quality and pricing tends to change over time, so we find this list also changes over time.  We always suggest that you shop around, do your own research, and be completely comfortable with any vendor, whether from this list or otherwise, before you hire them.  If a new vendor does a better job, we'd like to know that too!  
When you contact the vendor, please be sure to tell them that we referred them to you!  It's the best way for the vendor to know that we will be made aware of the results, and that his work will lead to more recommendations if he does a great job for you.
Contreras's Painting -- Sergio Contreras, Owner --  602-418-4495
We've used Sergio on our own home for painting, minor drywall work, and cabinet refinishing.  Sergio is the best source we've ever found for refinishing your old cabinets (especially the white-washed cabinets) to newer-looking, stained cabinets.  Sergio has also done work for several clients, and we've had nothing but outstanding reports every time.  Some of our clients have also used Sergio for light handyman duties (in conjunction with a larger job), including light fixture installations.  Also, if Sergio can't do it, he often has a referral for us.  His card says "Licensed Bonded-Insured" but does not show an ROC #.  Updated 7/11/2011
Desert Pool Service -- Matt, Owner -- 602-748-3035
You would think that it would be easy to find a good pool service, but we've been through a number of them through the years.  Finally, we found Matt, and he's been our "go to" pool guy since about 2005 or so.  Several of clients use him as well.  Matt and his team show up every week (not as common as you'd think) and our pool always looks great.  He is a solid A+ on cost and quality for pool maintenance.  He also does most repairs, and is fair there too.  Only bad news--as a small independent shop, he can't do the whole valley, so if you are not the NE corner, you will probably just have to call to see if he can service your pool.  Updated 7/11/2011.
Jeannie's Blind Repair -- Rick, Owner -- (602) 274-5160
This tiny little shop will save you a LOT of money if you have blinds that need repair.  Rick probably undercharges for his work.  He's also really, really good at what he does.  From broken mechanisms, to blinds that need to be restrung, Rick is the guy.  He's hard to find, located at the SE corner of 6th St and Hatcher, just off of Cave Creek Rd & 7th Street.  And he doesn't work every day, so call first.  We use Rick often.  Updated 7/11/2011.
DaVinci Landscapes, LLC -- Matt Blaha, Owner -- 602-482-2802
DaVinci is a small mom and pop landscaping company, but they operate with the professionalism that is lacking in most of the small guys.  Originally referred to me by another of my vendors, I've been very happy with price and work so far.  I will most likely use them on more of my own property soon as well, and will report back.  Updated 7/11/2011.  Email:   Web:
Handyman -- Bill Vascasenno -- 623-297-4309
Bill is a good general purpose guy that can work through a variety of minor home-inspection type items in a hurry and for not too much money.  We've had him do some basic plumbing work and general handyman duties and been very happy.  One of our clients has already used him and reports excellent results at reasonable prices on a variety of home-inspection repairs.  Be aware that Bill is NOT licensed, bonded, and insured.  For jobs under $1000 licensure is not required by law, but of course always a plus.  Updated 8/24/2011.  Email:
Deed R.E. Source & Referral Co -- Michele & Jeff Esslinger -- 480-558-7911
We often get requests to change a deed, or to file a quit claim deed, etc.  Most title companies will no longer do this service (because there is no insurance purchased to cover process) but most title companies, realtors, and everyone else in the business I know recommend the same company -- these guys.  Updated 7/13/2011.
Baker Brothers -- Chris Rosewell, Commercial Sales -- 480-577-8850
We've used Chris for clients and on our own home.  They have carpet installed with pad as low as $1.50/sf, which is a good basic builder grade of carpet.  We've used this on rental homes and found it very durable, and a great value.  Chris also did some difficult travertine in our own home where he had to match an existing travertine and accent stone, which he did perfectly.  He has the basic stuff cheap, and the more exotic stuff as well if that's what you need.  Updated 7/11/2011.  Email:   Web:
Shutter Envy -- Kevin Little, Owner -- 602-295-6864
This is a "mom & pop" shop that does an absolutely great plantation shutters.  They'ved worked with several of our clients, and Kevin has been excellent every time.  His pricing is the best I've seen, he doesn't nickel and dime on upgrades, and he shows up when he says he's going to.  They also do cell shades and other window coverings, but we haven't used them for that yet.  Updated 8/24/2011.  Website  Email