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It's a special thing to live in the desert.  The days sparkle with flawless skies, while the greenest desert on earth beckons with startling fuschia cactus blooms, luxuriously scented desert acacias, and stately giant saguaros.  And the nights are as deep as a jet-blue sapphire where the milky way flows like a river, serenaded by a timeless chorus of coyote yips and horned owl hoots.

And there, nestled among the saguaros, or perhaps on a golf course, or up against a rocky hillside, or in a family-friendly amenity-rich community, right there, on the perfect site, positioned just so...your dream home awaits.
We'd be honored to help.

At the Pristine Desert Properties, we share your passion for the high Sonoran Desert.  Our clients are equal parts out-of-state internet buyers seeking to own a vacation or retirement home in the Scottsdale area, and full time valley residents moving into or within the area.  We also handle portfolios for investors who see the amazing opportunities the Phoenix market brings to their real estate holdings.   We are experts in the northeast valley, but we'll work in other areas when called upon by our valued clients.

Look around.  We want this website to be a resource for you, so if you can't find the answer to your questions here, send us a note and we'll respond quickly.

The weather isn't always perfect here ... it just seems that way!